Saturday, April 23, 2011

*remake of a smokey orange + haul *

OMG!! so i went to SHORT HILLS MALL and all i have to say is WOW! so many high ends stores, gucci, prada, fendi, etc. No wonder i never went to that mall before. I use i COULD!! lol...any who i did a remake of this smokey orange look, and i did go to MAC and got 2 small things :)
Mac's orange e/s on lid
Mac's coopering e/s on crease
Mac's carbon on outer crease
Mac's Amber lights as highlight
MUFE flash palette orange as base

Mac's Coppertone
Mac's soft & gentle as highlight

Mac's ravishing lipstick

So i tried these BVLGARI face products the lady did a demo on my hand and it was GREAT!! I'm going to try them overnight to see how my face feels in the morning cause just the small "oxygen cream" cost $120!! so this is something that you have to sleep on.LOL! It made your skin brighter and smoother. These are the sample i got to try overnight :)

I have been wanting FRESH BREW for a while now. Very light and pretty for summer <3
AND to add to my eyeshadow collection KID. love this nude matte color.
That's all for now ladies bummed that is raining all day :(
Live, Love, Makeup
* Glamorous Glitz *


  1. oooh i am loving the colours that you used here!! inspiring!

  2. cooooool :) love the look, I also bought Fresh Brew earlier this week, its a medium/glossy neutral brown on me, I love it, I also always had my eye on Kid, nice color, ouch @ expensive skin care but its a must!

  3. love the look alot. its so creative, nicely done. i love fresh brew, it is my fav nude. and i agree with short hills, full of high end stores. i live 10 minutes from it, i didnt know you were from nj too =)

  4. hi! I do not know how to send u a message tru blogger lol.. let me know how if you know or send me your email here and I'll email you about it ;)

  5. love the look=BEAUTIFUL as always&great buys too

  6. Loooove Fresh Brew!

    Pretty look. :)

  7. Very nice eyes! Love the colour combination!


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