Friday, July 30, 2010

REVLON LIP Gloss & lipstick~ SUMMER fav's

I wanted to try out the lipglosses the most. The colors are cute the purplish one is called LILAC PASTELLE and the one next to it is PEACH PETAL and lipstick is APRICOT FANTASY....AWSOME colors for the summer time .....IM IN LOVE !!
And im also crazy with bright nail polish for the summer time and the polish below is from SALLY HANSEN and is called LICKETY-SPLIT LIME......i freagging love this color !!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

NYX~Luscious Lip Gloss Palette~ Pinky Promise

So I wanted to try this palette out. The colors caught my attention. These glosses are pretty cool. The palette is the pinky promise. Love the name
Colors are vibrant and smooth. And they smell good too.

The picture quality is not the best but i tried to take the best ones that came out. The lip colors on the bottom are from left to right from the palette. They didnt have any names so this is how they look. I kept dem in order.

Lip #1. 1st one on the left

Number 2

Actually the one above is color number 4 on the palette from left to right.

This one is number 3 from the palette (left to right)..... i love this one!

This is the last color on the palette and is my FAV. LOVE THIS PINK!..... (sorry for the blending)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MAC makeup

So yes MAC is my FAV. i keep most of my stuff in the original box, Dont know why but i guess to keep it save. LOL.....below is some of my stuff eyeshadow pallete, blush palette, lipsticks, blushes, pigments,mascara,and the big eyeshadows they sell. xoxoxo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

back to work

This is me on my 1st day back out work from a 10 day vacation. Im really tanned but you can hardly tell due to the effects on the photo. But im really diggin my color. CHOCOLATE Morena. LOL

sweet summer makeup

makeup im using here is sweet for the and gold. and nude lips ;)

SOme of my LOOKS

Here i tried doing a LEapord print makeup....this is what i got. ;)
eyeliner was kinda messed up sorry!

I went clubbing when i did this i like to be dramatic. Lol

I actually went to the mall this day.....woazers!!

this one is old but i like my makeup here. i was going to work ;)


Back from Vacation had an awesome time in FLORIDA. But I'm so glad to be back home with my girls My daughters that i missed so much.!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm going away for vacation, just me and hubby and family. So sad because I'm leaving my girls behind but this is a much needed vacation. MUAHZ peoples and I'm out!!!
Everything from FOREVER21.


This is a macoroni salad with tuna u can also make it with chicken check out my youtube channel were i show how to make it
this chicken is delicious! its simple its yummy check out how i made it

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Heres my model without her....
So we were shooting for a smokey blue eye for the club scene. My camera sucks so it really didnt capture the colors used. Here i looks like only two colors used but actually i used 5....i need a new camera.....So for the lips i used a simple nude for the dramatic eyes.
This is how she should be looking at the club. LOL.....she did this for free....

Sneakers + eyeshadow + Juicy Couture

MY FAVORITE BAG TO DATE. This Juicy Couture Leather bag. I went to the mall twice to purchase this. And when i got it i was in HEAVEn. LOVE LOVE LOVE
This is the 88 Palettle i have them both. Shimmery and MAtte. This is a MUST HAVE.
Just got these bad boys. BUt im saving them for the fall. Had to get them now because they were on SALE.

BitchSlap Cosmetics

I recently order BITCHSLAP cosmetics. ANd i have to say is ok for the price. THe only thing i dislike about the product is that the eyeshadow is too powdery. ( if it makes any sense) It drops on the bottom of your eyes when you apply. Other than that is good. EVERYthing on this picture below is BITCHSLAP cosmetics - PHYSCHO BITCH palette.


I was going to the mall here. YES with all this makeup on. Im not afraid! Lips i have MAC's BLANKETY . Eyes i have CHROME YELLOW (mac) and purple i think i used makeups forever purple. Blush= MAC's coopertone. LOVEd this look.


This is my WONDERFUL family , MY air MY everything. My reason for LIFE. The people i would DIE for, my 2 lil drama QUEENS my daughters. AND my wonderful fiance. Becoming a mother was the greatest GIFT god can give me. I love my kids to death. and my bae' QUERIDA FAMILIA.


Here im wearing GIRL ABOUT TOWN from MAC. I love this lipstick is at the TOP of my list. LINER is MAC's fluidline. On my eyelid this day i only wore MAC's BEIGING shadestick. Blush also MAC. Im a MAC whore!

NYX is cheap and awsome!!!

This is my lil NYX haul! The light pink is called BEIGE and the darker one is AFRICAN QUEEN i love these lip glosses. The feel real smooth on your lips and they smell good too! The lip liners from top to bottom:WHITE, DOLLY PINK, BROWN, HOT RED, PINKY AND BLACK. The lines are awesome and perfect for lipstick.

My Purple and pink look for the circus

up close and personal!

Here i was going to the circus and i wanted to look like i was part of it as well. lol. I used the pink from my 88 palette and fuchsia from mac. and the purple is from makeup forever. I wearing SNOB from MAC here. I really liked the way this look came out. AN i deff stand out in a good way. lol.

On my face i used all MAC products. MAC is my main bish! but is NOT the only makeup i use ( but is my fav).

Accessories from FOREVER21. Love that PLACE!

My 1st blog

Hello everyone. Just started my blog page. A Lil about me i love everything that has to do with fashion, hair, makeup, pastry sweets, cooking and more. I love to laugh, i feel like laughing u can get threw anything in life. that's it for now .
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