Friday, October 29, 2010


Hi galsss!!! i haven't blog for like 5days dats pretty long for me. i tried doing the Halloween look and it was a complete disaster. SO i decided to post about what i been up to lately.
I did makeup art on my girls trynna do something on them since they always love to watch me put makeup on!!! lol...SATURDAY NIGHT
Went out Saturday night with the gals. This was my look a smokey simple pink look.

LADIES!!!!!! love my galss!!!

We had a great time at the farm we took the kids and most of the family members we had a blast. I must say i love the fall for this reason and Halloween. Is the best family time!
I'm looking kinda fat but is ok :/
the kids!
ME and my babe the sunset WAS AMAZING!!!! i NEVER seen a sunset like this one before i MUST say this is the best sunset i SEEN in my ENTIRE LIFE!! it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!
ANOTHER fire sunset pic!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010


I made roasted chicken> I marinade the chicken with MOJO and some other seasoning and it was PHENOMENAL!!! have the before and after pics. I left the chicken cooking in the oven for over 5hrs. and it wasn't dry at all it was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!!!! i just gotta say my fiance deff LOVED ME MORE AFTER THIS!!
AND i added some sauteed onions with salt and vinegar, cause he loves onions!

I forget what day of the week for this dinner. LOL....but it was black rice with juicy PORK meat in a sauce!!! with lettuce and FRENCH dressing. Oh and we Dominicans eat food with BANANA on the side ...yes!
AND one of my favorite dishes which i might add i MASTERED in cooking. IS SHRIMP in a red COCONUT SAUCE!!!! is toooo DIE FORRR!!!!!! awsomeee awsome orgasm in your mouth!

AND of course we added rice and beans like true Dominicans with some TOSTONES( plantain) it wasssssss a real good meal that night!!!

That's it for now my lovely ladies!!!! AND YES I COOKED ALL OF THIS!! this is a weeks menu!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I decided to do a Halloween look, now i don't know what costume goes with this makeup lol but i was thinking maybe a goddess or something in the Egyptian anything u like really. You can just wear all black and do your makeup like this. I had fun doing this look and i know is not perfect.But i hope u guys like and try it out for Halloween!!! MUAHZZZ!!!!

I took lots of pics i couldn't really decided which to put up. So i just put a whole bunch!!

YOU can try a different lip color. Doesn't have to be black. Below i did a black liner and white in the inner lips. You can try any lip color.

The things i use CLICK on the picture for bigger picture.

Hope you guys liked.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

just randoms!

Went out on Saturday to celebrate my fiances bday!. and i wore this yellow dress i got from forever21 and is a kool dress the shoulder have puffy sleeves i felt like LADY FOOODDDD!
Lately i haven't been posting my foods pic. But last week i made chicken Parmesan and it was soooooooo gooddddd.

So for his bday i made a Dominican 3 leche cake. If you are Spanish you know what type a cake this is. Is a wet cake make with 3 different milks. IT IS SOOO DELICIOUS!!! If you have never had this cake i suggest you go to any Dominican or Spanish bakery (preferred Dominican) and have a slice of 3 lechE cake. You will be in heaven!!! and i LOVE SUSPIRO (Dominican frosting).

This is how it looks when u cut it. This cake has blue on it cause this is the one i made for hubby and the top one is the one i made for the party. The black is black gel i wrote on top and the covered it with more "suspiro" Dominican frosting.

Friday, October 15, 2010

1st attempt at a cut crease!! YIKES!

this was my 1st time trying out the cut crease look and i must say who ever can master this is freaking good. This look is actually harder then i thought and it really doesn't look that great, remember this is my 1st i hope u like!!!!

All the shadows are from my matte 88 palette
if you don't have it already then u should get iTTT!!!!

Bite of an apple from MAC

MAC's enchantred
DONT mind us it was early in the morning we were still in PJ's lol...LOVE MY GURLS MUAHHXZZ!

HAPPY friday DOLLSSS!!!! muahhz

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everybody loves BLUE

So i don't think Ive done a blue look for you guys. This is a navy blue smokey eye with a double liner/ black& blue. Soft pink lips and delicious blush! YUMM! lol


NYX jumbo pencil milk as eyeshadow base

MAC's double shadow sea & sky

Mac's carbon

NYX white eyeshadow for brow highlight


NYX cinnamon blush


I really need help!

Gals ive been thinking of getting a lip piercing on my lower lip corner i need your opinion YAY OR NAY??????
PLEASE give me Ur opinion!!!!
THAnX love u galz!!! xoxo
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