Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I won a MUFE giveaway CONTEST!!!!!!

So while on YouTube i saw TEMPTALIA had a MUFE giveaway contest. The winner will receive $1000 dollars worth of MUFE makeup. GUESS who the winner was??!!! ME!!!!! YAYYY!!!!!! So basically you had to write a comment on the product you were more excited to use from her giveaway video. I wrote about the FLASH PALETTE because i really have been dying to get it!....and BAM!! i FREAKING WON!!! I'm super excited cause i never win anything specially MUFE makeup!! OHH EMM i wanted to share the prices i WON!!!
The makeup case looks like this

I got 6 different shades of lipsticks #36, #17, #24, #19, #9 and #21

I got the HD elixir and HD powder
I got 3 HD cream blushes which i am in LOVE with!!!#8, #5, #6
I got 7 AQUA EYES eyeliners #23L, #12L, #17L, #11L, #5L, #20L, #0L

Two AQUA CREAMS # 5, #21
10 Gorgeous eye shadows!!! love them all!! #92, #72, #159, #127, #147, #310, #304, #153, #123
and one came completely broken!!! :( #93
I got the Moulin Rouge STRASS glitter - for fun use ;)
AND THE most IMPORTANT product in the case at least to me would be the Collector's EDITION 12 FLASH COLOR PALETTE
some dramatic lashes!!!
an amazing PURE PIGMENT # 16

3 amazing brushes #55N, #6N and the kabuki brush :)
and that's all i was so excited on winning something specially all of this so thank you TEMPTALIA for the amazing giveaway!!
Live, Love, Makeup
* Glamorous Glitz *


  1. WOW what an amazing prize, CONGRATS SWEETIE :D :D :D So happy for you <3

    xoxo Christine

  2. Wow! This is the best prize ever! Lucky girl. I love MUFE. Enter my giveaway?

  3. woooow... congratulations!!! have fun with ur new make up *__* im so jealous :D

  4. I swear it could not have gone to a better person! You are so talented and dedicated with your makeup you truly deserved it.

  5. I'm so jealous! But I'm glad the prize went to someone who really appreciates it. :)

  6. Awesome stuff! Congratulations on winning :) Enjoy your goodies! ^_^

  7. That was an awesome giveaway!! Congrats!

  8. a fantastic giveaway&awesome goodies congrats babe!

  9. congrats!!!!! I foresee awesome and even more kick ass looks :D

  10. wow! what a great amount of stuff! so lucky!!!

  11. wow!!! i entered this too!!!! CONGRATS!!! OMG! sooo lucky!

  12. Omg congrats! What a great prize! Hope you're enjoying it! <3 Did you try pressing the broken shadow?


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