Monday, October 24, 2011

..and my hair is now PINK...

LADIES!!! i decided to do something FUNKY to my hair again! i did purple before but the purple didn't last and it was almost way to dark too close to my dark black hair pigments. It only showed the 1st couple of days. So i decided to go with PINK!!! and i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my pink hair!!! I'm even thinking on doing it on the other side of me head and on the bottom and top of my bangs>?? what do you guys think of that??? well this is how it looks now.....

What do you guys think should i do it on the other side as well and some on my bangs??!!! help??
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

* OLD LADY makeup for Halloween *

So i was bored and i decided to play around. I did this old lady makeup with my MUFE flash palette. Just the brown and white. i guess it came out OK since is my first time i could of worked on it a Lil more to make it more realistic. But this is the look :)

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

* My purple HAIR *

Trying something funky! even though is not as purple as i wanted it. IS something. I WANTED that PUNK purple!! but i have to really bleach my hair for that and i dont wanna damage and burn my hair dat way. So this is how it looks :)

Thanx gals see u soon :)
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!

Hey sweet gals is been a while. Just wanted to do this quick post. I absolutely LOVE working at MAC! It has been my dream job for a long time and I'm so happy that i finally made it. Anyhow even though my feet hurt at the end of the day! and i wear FLATS!!!! my store is super busy and is in a very busy mall. BUT anyhow i still love it.....and the people i work with are amazing ! I'm a happy gal :) i just posted some pics before i go to work :)

This is a pic of the bathroom all 4 walls are full of the face charts that they have to do. i love it in there LOL!

and i just wanted to share with you guys that if you haven't tried the GEL MANICURE you should!!!! because is the best thing ever invented!!!!! my nails were so weak after i took the fake nails off and i did the gel manicure and it made my nails super strong!!! and it was 2 weeks after my nails started chipping and i wash dishes EVERYDAY 100 times a day!!!! so i LOVE GEL MANICURE!!!! sticking to this for a while :)
Love always Glory!
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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hi lovely dolls so I've been missing not posting every week like i should !!! I'm just gonna give u guys a recap on what I've been up to this post is gonna be filled with pics!!!
Hurricane IRENE came and went. Too bad that the next day was my cousins wedding!!
But not even the hurricane stopped us from partying!!
I did all the brides maids
Purple smokey eyes with soft pink lips

And of course the bride threw the hurricane!!! LOL she handled it very well i most add!
The entire court done by me ;)
And this is the dress i wore to the wedding
And there was a second wedding following the day after my cousins wedding. It was a weekend filled with love xoxo

The bride wanted soft golds and browns with nude lips!
Heck, even my daughter got a makeover that week lol

So on another oldest daughter started preschool. I cant believe how time just passes by!!!!

AND i got mad lashes so i think I'm good for a couple of months!!! i always wanted to try out they Chinese lashes I've seen lots of people using them and heard good reviews and i must say they are pretty good. Its a great bargain!!!!!!
and of course cant forget to stack up on red cherry lashes as well :)

and i got the new HTC sensation and check out my leopard phone case which i LOVE!!!!
So that's it for now lovies i promise ill have more time now to blog love u all and miss u all!!!
Live, Love, Makeup
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