Saturday, April 23, 2011

*remake of a smokey orange + haul *

OMG!! so i went to SHORT HILLS MALL and all i have to say is WOW! so many high ends stores, gucci, prada, fendi, etc. No wonder i never went to that mall before. I use i COULD!! lol...any who i did a remake of this smokey orange look, and i did go to MAC and got 2 small things :)
Mac's orange e/s on lid
Mac's coopering e/s on crease
Mac's carbon on outer crease
Mac's Amber lights as highlight
MUFE flash palette orange as base

Mac's Coppertone
Mac's soft & gentle as highlight

Mac's ravishing lipstick

So i tried these BVLGARI face products the lady did a demo on my hand and it was GREAT!! I'm going to try them overnight to see how my face feels in the morning cause just the small "oxygen cream" cost $120!! so this is something that you have to sleep on.LOL! It made your skin brighter and smoother. These are the sample i got to try overnight :)

I have been wanting FRESH BREW for a while now. Very light and pretty for summer <3
AND to add to my eyeshadow collection KID. love this nude matte color.
That's all for now ladies bummed that is raining all day :(
Live, Love, Makeup
* Glamorous Glitz *

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

* IMATS- NYC 2011 *

So IMATS finally came to NYC for the 1st year. After always seeing videos of LA peeps about IMATS i was sad it never happended here!! BUT NOT ANYMORE!!! had a blast at the event only kinda upset some people listed didnt make it. LIKE NYX and SIGMA. But i give it props for its 1st year. So with that said here are some pictures of that day.
Me and my red stockings :)

MY glamorous GALS

So the best part was meeting my YOUTUBE IDOL - THE QueenOfBlending _ LAuren _ Loved her!!!

Also met AllThingsFabulous101 - youtube - Asia
Also met Julieg713- youtube -Julie
My bestie and I
So i didnt buy much - only got couple of items with i will be creating another post on that. stay safe beauty queens ;)
Live, Love, Makeup
* Glamorous Glitz *

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I won a MUFE giveaway CONTEST!!!!!!

So while on YouTube i saw TEMPTALIA had a MUFE giveaway contest. The winner will receive $1000 dollars worth of MUFE makeup. GUESS who the winner was??!!! ME!!!!! YAYYY!!!!!! So basically you had to write a comment on the product you were more excited to use from her giveaway video. I wrote about the FLASH PALETTE because i really have been dying to get it!....and BAM!! i FREAKING WON!!! I'm super excited cause i never win anything specially MUFE makeup!! OHH EMM i wanted to share the prices i WON!!!
The makeup case looks like this

I got 6 different shades of lipsticks #36, #17, #24, #19, #9 and #21

I got the HD elixir and HD powder
I got 3 HD cream blushes which i am in LOVE with!!!#8, #5, #6
I got 7 AQUA EYES eyeliners #23L, #12L, #17L, #11L, #5L, #20L, #0L

Two AQUA CREAMS # 5, #21
10 Gorgeous eye shadows!!! love them all!! #92, #72, #159, #127, #147, #310, #304, #153, #123
and one came completely broken!!! :( #93
I got the Moulin Rouge STRASS glitter - for fun use ;)
AND THE most IMPORTANT product in the case at least to me would be the Collector's EDITION 12 FLASH COLOR PALETTE
some dramatic lashes!!!
an amazing PURE PIGMENT # 16

3 amazing brushes #55N, #6N and the kabuki brush :)
and that's all i was so excited on winning something specially all of this so thank you TEMPTALIA for the amazing giveaway!!
Live, Love, Makeup
* Glamorous Glitz *

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I am SUPER happy to receive my MAC PRO card. Is a beautiful thing!!!!! i was SO happy and i deff did some damage already!!so i have been shopping for spring time and i gotta say F21 is my fav store to go to!!! love that place!!!!
Got some nude pumps
Miniralize skin finish
Soft and Gentle

This is the makeup I'm wearing today - Sultry eyes
Here I'm wearing ravishing lipstick

Thanks dolls enjoy Ur weekend!!!
Live, Love, Makeup
* Glamorous Glitz *
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