Wednesday, April 13, 2011

* IMATS- NYC 2011 *

So IMATS finally came to NYC for the 1st year. After always seeing videos of LA peeps about IMATS i was sad it never happended here!! BUT NOT ANYMORE!!! had a blast at the event only kinda upset some people listed didnt make it. LIKE NYX and SIGMA. But i give it props for its 1st year. So with that said here are some pictures of that day.
Me and my red stockings :)

MY glamorous GALS

So the best part was meeting my YOUTUBE IDOL - THE QueenOfBlending _ LAuren _ Loved her!!!

Also met AllThingsFabulous101 - youtube - Asia
Also met Julieg713- youtube -Julie
My bestie and I
So i didnt buy much - only got couple of items with i will be creating another post on that. stay safe beauty queens ;)
Live, Love, Makeup
* Glamorous Glitz *


  1. awww I love your pictures from Imats!! I cant wait to go in JUNE in LA!

  2. Wow, Looks like you had a Blast! =)

  3. looks like u had fun hun,nice pics u look gr8 and cant wait2see what u got

  4. Glad you enjoyed it. I heard queenofblending was a real biatch lol.


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