Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I decided to do a Halloween look, now i don't know what costume goes with this makeup lol but i was thinking maybe a goddess or something in the Egyptian anything u like really. You can just wear all black and do your makeup like this. I had fun doing this look and i know is not perfect.But i hope u guys like and try it out for Halloween!!! MUAHZZZ!!!!

I took lots of pics i couldn't really decided which to put up. So i just put a whole bunch!!

YOU can try a different lip color. Doesn't have to be black. Below i did a black liner and white in the inner lips. You can try any lip color.

The things i use CLICK on the picture for bigger picture.

Hope you guys liked.


  1. Beautiful, NYX is having a contest right now you should go check it out and maybe enter :)

  2. Wow! Very artistic! I think you did great! You have A LOT of great looks on here! And did you know you look like rihanna in some of the pictures? :)


  3. Wow, this is really pretty :)
    How is that NYX palette? Really want to try it :)

    xo Christine

  4. loveeee this <3
    u go girl =) u did great ,,

  5. thanx lovely gurls @caroleena85 yea some people tell me i look like rihanna but i dont see it? lol
    @christine: the palette is ok is not GREAT! i used two types of glitter here.

  6. Maybe i will give it a try, i love NYX cosmetics. Seen alot of these palettes on ebay :) aww thank you so much sweetie <3

    xoxo Christine


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