Friday, October 22, 2010


I made roasted chicken> I marinade the chicken with MOJO and some other seasoning and it was PHENOMENAL!!! have the before and after pics. I left the chicken cooking in the oven for over 5hrs. and it wasn't dry at all it was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!!!! i just gotta say my fiance deff LOVED ME MORE AFTER THIS!!
AND i added some sauteed onions with salt and vinegar, cause he loves onions!

I forget what day of the week for this dinner. LOL....but it was black rice with juicy PORK meat in a sauce!!! with lettuce and FRENCH dressing. Oh and we Dominicans eat food with BANANA on the side ...yes!
AND one of my favorite dishes which i might add i MASTERED in cooking. IS SHRIMP in a red COCONUT SAUCE!!!! is toooo DIE FORRR!!!!!! awsomeee awsome orgasm in your mouth!

AND of course we added rice and beans like true Dominicans with some TOSTONES( plantain) it wasssssss a real good meal that night!!!

That's it for now my lovely ladies!!!! AND YES I COOKED ALL OF THIS!! this is a weeks menu!


  1. damn,now i'm hungry! looks deliciousssss! I need to try those out.

  2. Mega Yum! That chicken looks delicious! What temperature did you have it on, when you left it cooking 5h ???


  3. @DIANA:let me kno i will help u in anyway i can
    @Caroleena85: well i played around with the temp. at 1st 350 den towards the end 250...

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  6. ur food is so yummy,u r truly talented hun,u should defo open a Dominican love it all

  7. WOW ,, my mouth watered in all the pics ,,
    omg i want shrimps NOWWWWWW =(
    ur awesome ,, one day ill be a great chef ,, one day ,, haha .

  8. Alright I'm loving the way this food is looking!!

    You need to hook us up w/ the receipe on the SHRIMP!!


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