Thursday, July 29, 2010

NYX~Luscious Lip Gloss Palette~ Pinky Promise

So I wanted to try this palette out. The colors caught my attention. These glosses are pretty cool. The palette is the pinky promise. Love the name
Colors are vibrant and smooth. And they smell good too.

The picture quality is not the best but i tried to take the best ones that came out. The lip colors on the bottom are from left to right from the palette. They didnt have any names so this is how they look. I kept dem in order.

Lip #1. 1st one on the left

Number 2

Actually the one above is color number 4 on the palette from left to right.

This one is number 3 from the palette (left to right)..... i love this one!

This is the last color on the palette and is my FAV. LOVE THIS PINK!..... (sorry for the blending)


  1. Wow, the last shade gives some crazy coverage! Looks good on you.

  2. Hey Doll, The music website is's real easy to do and it's free!! =)

    I'm following you now! Thanks xo

  3. Hey girl. These look nice on you. I'm a new follower. Found you on "It's Judy Time".

    ♥ NYCSh0paholic's Fabulous Blog ♥

    ♥ NYCSh0paholic's YouTube channel ♥

  4. I so totally agree! Those are super cute colours!


  5. wowwww loveeeeee the last 2 colors !! so me =D

    thx for the post =)

  6. I like number 3 and love the name of the palette as well <3 your gorgeous!

  7. oooh girl! i love the colors...i need to go shopping now! I love your blog...please check mine out if you get a chance.

  8. I hate that they don't have names! I have a few too with out names =/
    The last one reminds me of Mac's Gaga lippie...LOVE IT!

    Thanks for following =)

  9. wow i can't believe that came from nyx!! love your blog :) :)

  10. great colours! I love them I hope I can get my hands on this ! great blog! xx

  11. Yes you're right it looks the best! I love this candy pink too!

    Check out my blog and let me know what you think about my own design and the fashionshow i participated!


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