Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MAC makeup

So yes MAC is my FAV. i keep most of my stuff in the original box, Dont know why but i guess to keep it save. LOL.....below is some of my stuff eyeshadow pallete, blush palette, lipsticks, blushes, pigments,mascara,and the big eyeshadows they sell. xoxoxo


  1. remember i did that .. it was anynonyin u thought i was nuts ,,now i keep them out buy a pastic thin like i had doesnt have to be big they sell smalll ones

  2. rissrose has a page too.. in here look for her inm y thing

  3. haha this looks like my mac sprees! follow me too :)

  4. Hi, I'm rika from Indonesia
    Can you help me buy some makeup online in your country?
    Where i get website cheapy makeup original?


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