Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Purple and pink look for the circus

up close and personal!

Here i was going to the circus and i wanted to look like i was part of it as well. lol. I used the pink from my 88 palette and fuchsia from mac. and the purple is from makeup forever. I wearing SNOB from MAC here. I really liked the way this look came out. AN i deff stand out in a good way. lol.

On my face i used all MAC products. MAC is my main bish! but is NOT the only makeup i use ( but is my fav).

Accessories from FOREVER21. Love that PLACE!


  1. OMGN! This is so pretty! Purple is my favorite color so I am loving this look!!! I am still learning how to capture so many colors on one eyelid. Good job!!! =)


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