Friday, September 10, 2010


So why is this the cake from hell! because this is how it looked at my house but i complety died when it got the the customers house!!....THE CAKE on top was tooooo HEAVY! and now that im looking at the pictures you can tell on the bottom right side is already sinking. THIS cake was a nightmare i feel so bad for the client I mean this was her SWEET 16 cake!! UGHHH!! and i KILLED IT!! i need a drink...


  1. You are being too hard on yourself it looks amazing i'd be thrilled with it for my birthday and i'm 35 lol x

  2. yea but this is not how it looks after! this is the good part.....but i had to remove the middle layer and "try" and fix the was a desaster! :(

  3. AWESOME !
    i would die to get a 22-y birthday cake like this ! so amazing !
    like really ! how do u guys do this ,, its allot of work
    and also have to think of the best taste and ingredients ,,
    awwwww am hungry now ,, i think ill go get a snack !

    but seriously ,, u should take a bank lawn and open a huge bakery in the down town of wherever u live in <3

    keep up the good work hun .. hugs xx

  4. Despite it being difficult, this came out so pretty. Love it!

  5. Im celebrating my B-day in november and having a glamurous animal print theme. This cake is amazing! Don't be so hard on yourself its gorgeous.

  6. Oh no! are you serious! but the cake looked great... what a shame! its beautiful.

  7. omg sorry this happened to you !!! you didn't kill it !!! you did a great job

  8. look beautifulll....i can tell the top was bigger i gues next time top should have 2 fillin and the last 3 i guess......but girll this is all how u learn dont worryy ....... all i can say it lookssssssss amazin


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