Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Laced boots

So for the fall the laced up boots are very much in style! i love my boots I'm just going to show you the style on how everyone else is wearing it.

Ashley Tisdale

You can dress it up . Doesn't have to always be a hard look.

And this one is my fav style.

And these are MY boots. I got them from Steve madden. LOVE THEM


LOVE U GALS! xoxo thanx DOLLS!


  1. this was today crzay butt llame me now

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  3. Love the boots! I want them now =D

  4. YUP those are the to go to shoes for the Fall, CANT wait til I get mine!

  5. the lace boots are so hot, I've been looking for a pair :D you look great with them too!


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