Friday, August 13, 2010

MAC Brushes VS. SIGMA BRushes

So SIGMA brushes are a big hit. I had to compare. The pics came out blurry which i hate!! but anyhow below is the 217 and sigma's replica of it. The bristles are similar and they both get the work done when it comes to blending. The only bad part is SIGMA BRUSHES SHED! i hate brushes that shed!.....but if u cant afford mac i guess sigma will be great. The 239 from mac & sigma. The SIGMA is a bit wider.



  1. awesome!!! i love mac brushes but dont purchase to often bc they are pricey! I will def be checking these out!!! xoxo

  2. i love my sigma brushes ,,

    am eyeing the premium kit <3 on my wish list =)

  3. I've got some sigma brushes too. I do love them. I can't really tell much of a difference compared to MAC. However, when I was washing the brush, some black dye was running, tut tut Sigma using dye on their bristles. xx

  4. i waanna get the setttttttt.. it good if its for others nah mean


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