Sunday, August 15, 2010


LAzy sunday ladies!! i hardly blog on weekends because is family time....But since i have some time let me just share a lil about me and my fav tv shows!!! WHO DOESN'T LOVE THE JERSEY SHORE!!!! NO JOKE RONNIEE!! funny cause my co-worker was down the shore last week and saw the cast filming season 3 ..and she said ronnie is like 5' 4" OHH EMMM GEEE! like what the hell!
LA INK......UGGGHHH love KAT VON D!....i love this women and her work.. im gay for her!!
Even if the show is over I freaggin loves THE HILLS! is was the best show on tv !! lol
AND teen mom is just sad man. Im going to record this show and show it to my girls when they get older. lol.......



  1. I enjoyed this post girl! Especially when you said OHH EMMM GEEE! like what the hell! - its so funny!i love your blog.

    OHH EMMM GEEE! like what the hell!

  2. love kat too but her last shows she was acting different turned me off on her lolol

  3. i love Kat von D ,, shez gorgeous <3

  4. no joke lmbo i heard he half pr..girll plzz his last name os ortiz ... i cant believe u that he was taller ,,lol....... i love all those shows gotta go over and u record it so we can munch ower ass offfffffffff

  5. Gay for her that did make me lol!

    follow me too :)


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