Friday, July 29, 2011

FINALLY working for MAC !!!

If you know me or have been following my blog for a while, you have to know that i am a MAC fanatic!! So I'm so happy to share with you guys that i finally made the freelance team and now I am working for MAC!!! YIPPEE!!!! What most of you don't know is that i have been trying to land a job in the cosmetics world for a while now. I never wanted to blog about it cause i didn't want to jinx my chances but anyways I'm not superstitious so i don't know why i felt that way, lol. I am SO EXCITED and happy and this is a dream come true! And I now have a FAIRY MAC man... My goal is to stay with MAC forever because this company has lots to offer. So as soon as i can when I get my counter experience I'm applying for a permanent position. Eventually down the road i would love to open up my own little space, and have my own glam squad.... * Glamorous Glitz * .....

Live, Love, MAKEUP!
* Glamorous Glitz *


  1. congratulations dear!!! im so glad for you.
    i´ve been reading your blog since last year and i know how important is to work for mac. good luck with your great new job.

  2. Congrats hunnie, Im so happy for you :) x

  3. congrats babe,am so happy4u..all e best!!!


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