Tuesday, December 14, 2010


MY OH MY!!!!!! i have been away from it all! Boy did i miss blogging. My life has been a lil crazy for the past 2 weeks. I was a bit disoriented. BUT I'm back i feel good i missed this place. SOO flipping excited for xmaz and to start gift rapping all the gifts.!!! wat have u ladies been up to. MISS ME MUCH? lol....well lets get down to bussiness. ! i went to the mall and i got a few goodies that i wanted to share with you gals.
Ive been dying to test out NYX pigments and i must say they are good pigments MAN!!! they didn't have to many colors so i just grabbed 3 to test them out. The green one is called LIME PEARL, next is ORANGE ZEST PEARL and last is ORANGE PEARL.

I took this pic at night time. But they look way better in daylight.
So you know i had to stop at MAC. I'm not crazy about this lipstick though. IS more of a lip gloss really. BUT is still cute and i welcomed her to the family anyways. This is a red with sparkle to it. IS pretty for the holiday!!! called BABY'S ON FIRE.

Also added more nails color to the fam. The glitter polish is from the BURLESQUE collection, which they are all glitter polish, is called BRING ON THE BLING. The deep burgundy color in the middle is called ROYAL RAJAH RUBY and last by ESSIE is called ARUBA BLUE!
So dats it i missed everyone!!!!


  1. welcome back!!those nail polishes are gorgeous! i love the sparkly one!

  2. welcome back hun,we sure missed u,glad u ok anyhoo lovely haul I love everythn u got


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