Tuesday, March 29, 2011

* Do i look like RIHANNA??? *

So i always hear i look like Rihanna and thats a HUGE compliment cause shes HOT!!!! so i decided to do a lil project to see how much i really do "look" like her and i found the is cause we have almost the same head shape. lol. I deff have the rihanna forehead!! and i found i look more like her when i smile. So here it is...

so thank u everyone for that nice compliment...back in the days i was compared to Aaliyah but ever since rihanna came out i even get called rihanna in the streets by total stangers lol...well i LOVE rihanna so is all good.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

*spring time flirty orange look *

So today i wanted to share my look. This look is super easy only 2 main colors real cute super flirty for the spring time ( IF IT EVER STOPS SNOWING!!!)..yes is snowing here in jersey and this weather blows!!!...but u can still rock this look lol///

NYX jumbo pencil in milk as shadow base
Mac's goldenrod on inner lid
Mac's jigs & jive on top of goldenrod
NYX pigment orange zest
MAC's crystal avalanche for highlight

Burgundy liner under waterline
Rock & republic eyeshadow wicked under waterline

MAC's rambling rose lipstick
REVLON's coral reef lip gloss

Mac's Coppertone blush
NYX's cinnamon blush

Hope you gals enjoy
Live, love Makeup
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

* Haul Rock & republic plus more *

I recently added to my ROCK & REPUBLIC collection. I am super excited for these eyeshadows cause no one really talks about their shadows but only there blushes (which i LOVE their blushes!). So i got 5 more shadows and a darker pressed powder.
The pressed powder is called ANGORA and is a bit darker for me now. But it will be great for the summer time.
I also got some lashes!!! RED CHERRY lashes haul- a dozen
I got them in #38
And #82
Last but not least i got the perfect heals for SPRING!!!! Love my new ladies!!!
Thanx huns if you guys are interested in getting rock & republic cosmetics at a good price chech them out in this website
Live, Love, Makeup
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teal Blue & brown

Sorry my camera was not working properly u cant really see the colors but i need to get my camera fixed ASAP~ But i hope u guys can see and like i did this look when i was going to NY.

MAC's electric Eal on eyelid
ROCK & Republic's trial eyeshadow on crease
MAC's blue brown Pigment on top of R&R shadow on crease
MAC's Naked pigment on brow light
MAC's Dark Soul pigment on outer corner.
MISSING my piercing :(
Love, Live, Makeup
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Friday, March 4, 2011

* Maybelline FIT ME foundation,concealer & Pressed powder *

So today i grabbed Maybelline's FIT ME foundation, concealer & pressed powder, and just buy swatching these products i must say i love the quality of them. My foundation # is 320, concealer is 35 and the pressed powder was # 350. I cant wait to actually test them on my face. lol. I will be trying dis tomorrow since i heard is gonna be nice out. I will be posting pics soon. :)

Live, Love, Makeup
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Soft curls using REVLON Hot ROLLERS

Hi my loves!!! I'm back....with a hair tutorial..soft beach waves. Not too curly or too wavy...just a 10mins hair style with REVLON hot rollers! i love these rollers and easy to use. Hope u guys like!! <3

just kept it simple for the eyes. soft brown eyes <3
Love u gals!
Live, Love, Makeup
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